About Extreme Bags


Thank you for choosing our Double Heavy Bag System, The ONLY center chain, double heavy bag system on the planet, we know this because we own the patent on its design. The heavy bag as we know it has not been changed since it was first patented over 150 years ago. At that time the user was “male and boxer”. 

Today we see the home user as the predominant market and it’s predominantly “women and kids”. So, when we went looking at the availability of heavy bags out there that accommodated this new market, we quickly found that there were NO accommodations & NO real alternatives.

So, in May of 2020 we went to work and re-designed the standard heavy bag from the ground up and we think you’re going to like this new heavy bag system.

Why did we retain the standard heavy bag look?… because it works! PERIOD!

We developed the world’s ONLY center chain, low center of gravity, double heavy bag system that has a “counter reactive” movement when the opposing bag is struck nearly eliminating the “bag chase” that has never been addressed since the first bag was patented …in over 150 years! 

Imagine that, no change in over 150 years!

I guess that the home user wasn’t important enough to do the work.

In 2022 we received a U S patent on this new heavy bag for several obvious reasons.

  • We made it a center chain, low center of gravity bag
  • We addressed the “bag chase” that no one ever has
  • We gave it a 20lb center chain head bag and made it fun to hit
  • We made it water resistant so it can be suspended outdoors 
  • We gave it a “dense foam” inner core so it will never “sag” or lose its shape 
  • We made it easily separable from one another so now you can use either the “head bag” alone or the lower bag alone as a standard bag…with the benefit of our low center of gravity design which keeps this bag (even when separated) from moving all over the place, “the bag chase”
  • We gave this new bag a “high density” kick zone located at the lower portion of the bag

Finally, we build our lower bags in 3 sizes. 

  1. The 24″ lower bag 40lbs for the younger smaller trainer
  2. The 36″ lower bag 50lb for most people in the 5′ tall range
  3. …and finally, The 48″ lower bag also 50lb for most everyone else

I hope that you enjoy all the changes we’ve made, I hope you’ll use this bag for years to come and I hope you’ll tell your friends about us. 

Thank you again